Oiland S.a.s. is a company established by Pietro Piera and Milena Catizzone and located in Italian town of Zagarise (CZ), in the calabrian preSila hills (at 600mt above sea level) but at only 20 minutes from the sea costs. The company has been founded on the old and meaningful family tradition in olive oil production. This father-to-son and generation-to-generation tradition has donated to Oiland a great deal of experience in making the best quality of olive oil products.

From well three generations, the Catizzone family operates in the field of the production and marketing of extra-virgin olive oil. The tradition was begun by the grandfather Pietro, who in 1920's returned from United States and, as authentic pioneer, acquired some lands and a mill, and was taken up by the agricultural firm of the F.lli Antonio and Luigi Catizzone, respectively father and uncle of the partners of Oiland S.a.s. This firm continues the cultivation of olive trees, cultivated according to the criterions of the "organic cultivation".

Today Oiland has appended many innovations to the process of production and a considerable enlargement of the product's range, which will allow a commercial expansion of dearest product of the family.

The intent of a continuous adjournment to the technological progress in the techniques of production has always been the essential element for the amelioration of the quality of the drawn product and since a long time has been the mission of the owners of the family firm. In fact, we have started our tradition many years ago with the most classical and ancient mill with the millstones and the wooden presses, operated by hand by mules in the 1920's, to charge the mill with an electric press in 1930's, the first in the area, to the acquiring of a new mill in the 1960's, finally moving today to the new continuous cycle plant made by Rapanelli.

All under the sign of the best quality possible

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